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What do we do?

Naga ( is a Medium-inspired platform where anyone can earn tokens through skilled writing or contribute by providing liquidity to the ecosystem. Writers can write, post, share, and earn tokens for their content.
While Naga is a simple blog platform, it's also taken on characteristics of a social network, article writing platform and Defi.
The key difference between NewGen Blog and a traditional blog website is that Blockchain economic design is used to reward our writers for their contributions to the ecosystem. This new model of writing has been dubbed "write to earn". New Gen Defi Society has attracted ten-thousands of members from Thailand in the pursuit of a new income stream during the Covid pandemic by sharing knowledge about Defi.
Writers can earn by:
  • Minting BNFT and selling them.
  • Staking BNFT and earn a reward
  • Airdrop for early contribute writer
  • Other reward coming soon


New Gen Defi Society

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